The Book

Survival Guide for Young Professionals @ Work is new book penned by gifted young professional and author, Evelyn Thsehla and it is the perfect how-to guide for young professionals entering the world of work. The book is written from a practical standpoint with short exercises that help you identify your strengths and values to aid you in building your career, and simple ways of turning your talent into your chosen field of dominance and realistic examples that illustrate the best way to visualise your career and sculpt it accordingly.

According to Ms Thsehla, to survive the delicate ecosystem that makes a workplace one must do the following:

1.      Prepare

Preparation for the kind of career you want and the person you want to become using your values, talents, gifts and interests.


2.      Execute

Execute your dreams by branding yourself, becoming a problem solver and excelling in your field of work.


3.      Build on

Polish your strength by furthering your studies, finding a mentor and networking