Survive the Ecosystem



Much has been said about applying Evelyn-young-professionals-at-workfor a job, writing curriculum vitas, preparing for interviews but little has been said about what is expected of you when you finally lend that job. In Survival guide for young professionals at work author Evelyn Thsehla shares with you from personal experience simple steps to follow to help you survive the delicate ecosystem that makes up a workplace.

The book is written from a practical standpoint with short exercises that help you identify your strengths and values to aid you in building your career, and simple ways of turning your talent into your chosen field of dominance and realistic examples that illustrate the best way to visualise your career and sculpt it accordingly.

Having been part of the work force for a few years now, Thsehla is in a unique position to understand the challenges that face a young professional and the delicate ecosystem that makes up a workplace. The delicate balance is best displayed in Thsehla’s ability to encourage the newbie professional to dominate in their chosen field but also to respect genuine authority.

Although written to be the young professional’s friend this book is inspirational even to those who are stagnant in their careers and jaded by the corporate environment. If you have been looking to reignite that spark that first made you fall in love with journalism, medicine, teaching or any career for that matter look no further. 

According to Ms Thsehla, to survive the delicate ecosystem that makes a workplace one must follow the above three Steps