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To be young and gifted, what better way to describe Evelyn Thsehla? Evelyn graduated from high school at the age of 16 and proceeded to the University of Pretoria where she obtained a Medical Science degree and a Masters degree in Public Health. She is currently working as a health policy researcher at Council for Medical Schemes and working towards a PhD in Economics from the same university.

Evelyn has attended and presented at both the International Health Economics Association(iHEA) Congress in Sydney, Australia and the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) in Taipei, Taiwan. More recently she has shared the stage with 2 nobel price winners Prof Harald Zur Hausen (nobel Prize for medicine) and Prof Luc Montagnier (Nobel prize for his discovery of HIV) while presenting her work on pathology in private healthcare.

Her Story:

Evelyn says being a young professional comes with its own challenges. “When I first started at my ideal job, I felt like I’ve been thrown into the middle of the ocean and told that I had to teach myself how to swim” says Thsehla. “I knew I had to find a way to deal with the delicate ecosystem that makes a workplace”. “I started doing my own research by talking to my friends and realised that I am not the only one going through this. As a researcher, the first thing you do when you are faced with a problem you review the literature to see if any work has been done in that specific area. I realised that a piece was missing when it comes to addressing issues that challenge young professionals at work. Right there and then ‘Survival guide for young professionals at work’ was born.”

To carry her message of excellence at work, she founded “Young Professionals at Work”, an organisation that aims to inspire young professionals to become the best in what they do.

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